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Kristiana Rendon

With a bachelor's in psychology, I was preparing for a path down the medicine route with plans of becoming a radiologist when I soon realized that it was the not the career for me. I am now back in school pursuing my true interest, computer science! After catching up on courses and developing excitement for cyber security I’m starting my first graduate semester at the University of New Mexico. I am also currently working as a research assistant in Dr. Melanie Moses's lab researching vulnerabilities in ROS and improving its overall security. I enjoy playing the saxophone, SCUBA diving, traveling, and eating.

Kristiana  Rendon

Melanie E. Moses
Department of Computer Science
MSC01 1130
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Office: 505 277-9140 (no voice mail)
CS Dept front office: (505) 277-3112
CS Department Fax 277-6927 (fax)

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