First Place Overall Win for Ackerman, New Mexico and BCL

June 22, 2018 - S. Ackerman

Sarah and Drew Ackerman at RoboCup

Winning first place, PhD student Sarah Ackerman and her team represented UNM's Moses BC Lab at the RoboCup@Home Education robotics competition June 2018 in Montréal, Canada. RoboCup@Home is a division of the annual RoboCup robotics competition that focuses on the development of service robots for human-centric environments, testing related skills such as robot navigation, computer vision, speech and language processing, and robotic arm manipulation. Teams develop software and hardware systems that must successfully interact in both competition and real-world settings, performing tasks such as grocery shopping, serving customers in a restaurant, and responding appropriately to human questions or requests. The Education sub-division hosts a three-day instructional workshop and subsequent three-day competition. Winning three of the five competition rounds including the final, Sarah's team achieved first place overall.