If humanity is to explore and live on Mars, robots must travel there first to gather resources and pave the way

September 29, 2018 - TEDxABQ Media & Marketing


Humanity is reaching its hands into the heavens, exploring and discovering new worlds. But those hands will not be the fleshy hands of us humans, but rather the metallic hands of robots.Dr. Matthew Fricke courtesy of TEDx

Matthew Fricke is an Assistant Research Professor in the UNM Department of Computer Sciences. But even more excitingly, he also collaborates with Kennedy Space Center as the technical lead of the UNM-NASA Swarmathon project. His research focuses on solving problems using swarms, whether they be a few robots working together, a supercomputer with thousands of processors, an ant colony a hundred thousand strong, or the millions of immune cells. Could a swarm of robots be our extraterrestrial ambassadors? Perhaps, so Fricke says.